In a Zombie apocalypse...


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    Against actual zombies I'm scrapping 😤
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    1. Its Nate

      Had me at the beast merch

    2. Johnny Yoo

      I feel like people are so oddly prepared for a zombie outbreak it will just never happen, we’ll kill off patient zero before he gets to many followers. Like we’ll lose a city at max and when that happens every dude with a gun is having the time of their life’s

    3. le crane Kid

      I like that jacket you're wearing

      1. le crane Kid


    4. Randal Jeffrey

      "Look, I just think it would have been cool to fight zombies bro." "YO! Dude, you shoulda lead with that. Lets go!"

    5. Skyler Fox

      Bro..Broo I legitimately thought the apocalypse started yesterday because there were hella sirens and screaming outside. ;(

    6. hehehehehe

      “Hey I‘m here for the interview”

    7. Cixot


    8. skx_no_flex

      My friend got mad at me for sniffing his sisters underwear. Nor sure if it was because she was still wearing them, or because her entire family was around. Anyways, it made the rest of the funeral a whole lot more awkward.

    9. OkayLetsGoKay

      On gawd I’ll just accept my fate 2 lmao

    10. randomguythatwatchesyoutube

      Guy gets ripped apart in video while zombies moan in the background. Autogenerated Subtitles: [MUSIC]

    11. Sevara A.R.M.Y

      If there is gonna be zombie apocalypse, imma dose myself with sleeping pills and sleep untill I get eaten✌️

    12. Nneka Byron

      3:00 that just sounds like a riot or the Tragedy from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

    13. BlackNinja

      Plot twist: he didn't wanna go because he gave him a baseball bat and not a sword

    14. The Majestic angel Muñoz

      Don’t worry mrbeast well give this dude money to survive the zombie apocalypse

    15. Xystal Yt

      Best way to survive a zombie apocalypse is to hunker down in you’re house

    16. LostTreasure _

      TBH how is the power gonna shut off

    17. ADudeWithNoVoice

      part 2?

    18. CRT

      Im always f**king prepared for a zombie apocalypse I got a bunch of water bottles and a ton of food aint no zombies gonna catch me

    19. Heartfelt Hero

      This was always my thought process for this situation too

    20. Mr. Kips Gaming

      Apparently he doesn’t have any basic survival skills.

    21. Retro Reset

      I'd like to see a continuation of this

    22. Torrnadoe

      I am not scrapping no zombies bro They got no self preservation instincts!

    23. Ranuenkulus


    24. Cianitrihs Khour

      Anyone realize the main conflict here is to try to save someone from killing themselves?

    25. Mistry. men.

      That one kid who always plays call of duty zombies: My time has come

    26. Blue Lugia

      2:18 I just noticed the water bottle on the table behind him...

    27. Henry

      tbh a zombie apocalypse wouldn't be all that dangerous because of the fact that they're rotting corpses.

    28. audiwinner3

      How does he do this with a straight face like really

    29. xviper resolute

      Dang I actually agree to everything he said. Even the killing zombies is cool. Survival? Nope. I have no motivation fo that.

    30. shake4parkinsons


    31. Kadennn

      Yeah fighting zombies would be pretty cool, if there was no risks anyway.

    32. RamzeeThatGuy

      Bro just drink zombie blood and peace out

    33. Muhammad Hassan

      Did anyone notice that he is wearing beast hoodie

    34. Not_Ike

      S O A P

    35. Very Rare

      If it’s a zombie apocalypse I might off myself


      We ain't in one already!?!?

    37. Joseph Taylor

      Two videos deep, and I’m sold on subscribing.

    38. yes please

      Love it XD and the house!!!!

    39. Michael B

      There would still be soap it all just dissappear

    40. Sasqe

      That jackets from nevstudio

    41. Maliek Facey

      news reporter getting massacerd by zombies subtitles: music

    42. jamal robinson


    43. Kevin Omega

      Fax, its all about how fun it is

    44. Javier Morgan

      “We have no idea what it is! We are in the dark!” It could be a parasite. It could be a worm Or it could be mind control from a life form beyond our comprehension

    45. Jacob Robison

      are tryna to save us from depression ?

    46. sid Collins

      I could say YES! To 90% of these

    47. Shy Guy

      I got a WiFi unavailable right when he said the internet was out WTF ITS HAPPENING

    48. Tabesh Ziaul Haq

      there is a *MR BEAST* in the VID

    49. piece of shit

      If there was a zombie apocalypse I would want to kill at least one than get eaten

    50. YuhClapz -

      WaIt YoU DOnT

    51. Ethanthewizkid

      "Les gooo"

    52. ϮhƐ điΔbØLiÇ

      yeah, i'll be the first one to die.

    53. Correi Kamir

      Can someone tell me where he got that “no cap” beanie?

    54. Moose Caboose

      lol only the amish will be fine

    55. toast

      You should make a movie

    56. Johnathan Anderson

      I wanna see a whole movie 🎥 🤣🤣

    57. Theron Patrick

      Did that newscaster just say "chemical imbalance?" 😂

    58. F.B.I.

      0:02 he is wearing beast merch

    59. Jackajicka

      basically what I do everyday

    60. Chef Boi

      My mans wearing mr beast merch in the vid

    61. Shaun Williams

      Just one question what happens to animals during the zombie apocalypse do they come zombies too or do they just like disappear

    62. The Diamond Player

      Nice beast merch

    63. Malachi Sanford

      It would be cool to fight zombies but would it be cool to die to zombies? No

    64. Not Albert Einstein

      Why is internet is a scary place Y is sentence is sentence Y do I choose 2 press send?? I'm okay though, I think I'm gonna be okay Maybe I should stop doing this? Idk I was worried about ...

    65. SaltBoat

      *Caleb City, supporting suicide since 2021* I'm joking

    66. eRaZeRzx _nugget

      Aye yo peep the beast merch

    67. Darian Gonzalez

      3 months free if you buy a 1 year subscription. not bad, but you did a good job leaving out the entire truth. which makes your audience feels like your lying to them. food for thought, keep up the funny content tho

    68. Joshua Brown

      "Lets gooooo" 😂

    69. Devon Funk

      Lol, sadly this makes too much sense

    70. Bennie Lewis IV

      Literal doo doo water

    71. SpicyYogurt

      when the virus started:

    72. B.O.W Saint Thaddeus

      The end is always the best part 😅

    73. Daroga1

      I just wanna say how much Calebcity has Super improved his dialogue and acting over the years and like, this ACTUALLY feels like 2 people talking to each other with real inflections and emotional exchange. It's remarkably better quality from his older content. I'm so proud

    74. Amandeep Gill

      Guardsman arguing while Nurgle zombies attack the hive world. -Colorized.

    75. ANIME WEEB

      Guns were made in the last 20 years🥺

    76. Yasmine Alkhatib

      Did anyone see how the water was ‘rusted’ when he turned it on tho

    77. Alpha MECH

      I'm dying 🤣

    78. ManterPanter

      Frick!!!!!!! I stubbed my toessss!!!

    79. ManterPanter

      This is nap time I ain’t got time for these zombies!

    80. Chey K

      fightin' BEARS for my food

    81. A

      This is everyone if they were being honest and realistic 🤣👌🏾

    82. Sincear Smith


    83. Luigi Super

      Yes he should have lead with that

    84. Ya Boi Toxix

      The best option would literally be to stay in your damn house. use a fkn brita filter. They can't open doors. Their muscles are rotting and shit, so all you gotta do is put one chair in front of a fuckin door and they can't open it. They won't have enough strength to break open a window, and after a couple months all the zombies that were around are too deteriorated to continue. They're still rotting and shit so it doesn't matter. Not like they'll have the strength to bite you or knowledge to enter your fuckin house.

    85. A Name Enter

      The only good question is "do they run or walk?"

    86. PRIYA KJ

      Plot twist: he was a zombie who's tryna demotivate humans from killing them

    87. RANDOMTHING 6969

      To be honest if zombie apocalypse happen I wouldn't leave my house either :v

    88. GLaSSesNOlenses

      That plot twist at the end 😁👍

    89. KP Kev the Poet

      This guy is a comedy genius. Seriously.

    90. KP Kev the Poet

      This guy is a comedy genius. Seriously.

    91. Kurniawan Adhi

      S O A P ?!

    92. Karthik Manoj

      CalebCity Promoting Beast merch be like:

    93. tfw no yandere

      im goin out in style im goin out in somebody sister

    94. tp iso

      The look when he opened the tap💀😂

    95. Rafid Mohaimin

      Looking good with the beast merch

    96. Sam ASP

      Nice Mr.Beast merch

    97. Kaisea

      Mood. Honestly I could cope with most of the nonsense except the whole 'humans are the real monsters' premise every damn zombie flick has going for it, because it's just blatantly untrue. Otherwise... well not having medication is gonna be a problem for me and most of my friends.

    98. Daniel Clark

      Stay in house for 2 weeks for zombies to starve to death

    99. The Moinomedian

      Why does our Netflix suck?

    100. RooꓘIΞ 新秀

      So no one gonna talk about how he decides to lay on the floor instead of that couch?😂